• August Goals

    For the sake of accountability, I’m going to be posting my goals on the blog for each month! Here’s my check-in for end of July/beginning of August:

    July goals:

    -Pre-schedule social media posts for the month: Check!

    -Re-write part 1 of Twice Blessed: Nearly check, I might make it by the end of the month…

    -Read and review at least 1 indie book: Check times two

    -Beta-read for Tamara Shoemaker and Emily June Street: I got so wrapped up in other work, this one slipped by me, but I’m finishing it up this weekend, so soon-to-be check!

    And looking ahead…

    August goals:

    -Update website to include press/interviews, more information about workshop/speaking booking

    -Finish re-writing Twice Blessed

    -Read and review at least 1 indie book

    -Pre-schedule social media posts

    -At least 1 vlog and 1 blog post

    -Run Goodreads giveaway

    -Move/start school again


    Here’s hoping for a productive end to the summer!


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  1. Far knight says:

    Ambitious goals but public accountability will help. See you soon!

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